June 15, 2014

Beach Home ... come and stay ...

Castle Hill Inn Beach Cottages

Hello there dear ones ... Is this bedroom not just a major delight ... Those windows rock my boat, that wicker chair with the pale blue turquoise make over, the natural rug with textured boarder.

The real hero of the pic is of course the sea, as it should be! Many hugs Le xox

June 12, 2014

Coastal Vibe ... Living Lite

Beach living for me means simple, light and relaxed living. I do like a bit of light scandi wood influence with some turquoise and raspberry thrown in for good measure...

Dreaming of living again in our own home. Our beach house is decked out in near enough is good enough second hand buys, But that too will change one day. But for now there is online dreaming to be done.

Hope your day is light and bright, cheers Le xox

City Living .... Clean and Green

Clean and Green

MaxMara jacquard dress

Gold jewellery

Statement ring

Broste Copenhagen cactus pot
$10 - heals.co.uk

Hello there loves ..... Spring in the city what do you think? Cream and green are meant to be, just like Mother Nature intended. Loving this dress. But it's the ring that really got me. All smooth, glossy and dark. Like an updated mood ring maybe.

I really am wanting a deep green bag when one next needs a bag replacement for my current go to black and cream girl. Alligator pattern too is fine.

Well I'm off to check out that ring, best Le xox

June 9, 2014

Yes I am back ... again

Summer Dunedin days ... Shelly Beach, Aramoana, French Toast and Agapanthus ...

Well hello there dear ones ... what a long time between posts, yes. Lots of reasons - not excuses - just time poor, demand heavy and a bit of a creative dry spot.

But seems all things ebb and flow and now I am back. I miss blogging, miss reading and miss contributing.

So what's new pussycat ... well I did dally in another blog for a while ... and yet again I will now condense back to one. Silly me, another blog is never a good idea for the time poor. So I will bring my lovely images over here.

I have started a short, online design course. Fun indeed. Hoping all is well in your worlds and I will be over soon for a read, best Le xox

March 20, 2013

City lights ...

Hello there dear ones. I have always been a lights girl, along with shoes, handbags, earrings and chocolate.

And here are a few of my favs ... for city living abodes of course. Now which doth I loveth the most ..

Hmm, I won't kiss and tell. They all have a place in my heart. Best Le xox

March 18, 2013

Beachs love Bachkits .... and so do I

from here

Hello there dear ones. A day for sharing something fab from New Zealand.

Yes, it's a Bachkit. These homes are just amazing. Innovative, modern modular living says the website. I just say adore!

What do you think? Fancy a holiday home by Bachkit - I do, best Le xox

March 16, 2013

City Lights .... retro style!

Hello dear ones .... just been playing back in my archives and found this delightful collection of retro inspired de-lights! Brushed aluminium I believe, but can't be sure as I have lost the original source - bugger!

Still I am in love and wish I had a babe to hang over my dinning table or in my hall or stair well. Hugs all round Le xox

March 14, 2013

Country Love Blossoms by Jac Coates

Hello there dear ones .... These works are by Jac Coates, an Australian artist working from South Australia. I think her work is amazing. Especially on a white wall in a big country kitchen or living room. Thus far I have only afforded her cards and placemats.

I am in love with how blown the flower heads look, full, rich and almost sexy in a way. Not for the faint hearted I'd say! Best Le xox

March 11, 2013

City Home .... Bedroom Blues

Hello there dear ones. Just having a bit of fun imaging a city styled bedroom in blues. There is something remarkably soothing about blues ... and even better with a touch of creamy white.

I think I could lounge about in here for a sleep in or two! Dream on, best Le xox

March 10, 2013

Beachy Love .. Coastal Dining

Hello there and welcome to another happy day at BHCH. We have a focus this week on dining spaces, so how could I go past this delight. White is so right at the beach and this dining room is no exception.

Adore the painted boards, the pale wood blinds and table, the chairs in worn turquoise and the hydrangeas fresh from the garden. Even the chandelier works for me. 

Here is what the source said ... enjoy! Cheers Le xox

The owner of this historic Nantucket cottage found her dining room's late-1800s farm table and reproduction Windsor chairs at Nantucket House Antiques. The verdigris chandelier is by Richard Mulligan.

Read more: Dining Room Decorating Ideas - Dining Room Decor - Country Living 

Source: countryliving.com via Le on Pinterest

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