Beach Living

So what is so special about living beach side you might ask ... well just about everything! I have been blessed to live in several coastal locations.

  • Moreton Island, off the coast of Brisbane Australia
  • Cooktown, Far North Queensland
  • Burketown, Far North west Queensland
  • Aramoana, South Island New Zealand
  • Forrest Beach, North Queensland, Australia.

So yes some of these places have crocodiles, marine stingers, seals and other bitey, itchy bits from nature.

But they also have sea breezes, views to the horizon, peace, amazing sunlight, space and an ability to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

It's not just about sun and surf for me. I love the moody, stormy skies as much as I adore the spring sun on the white caps. It's all great!

Join me as I document my love of all things beachy and coastal, best Le xox

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