About Le

Well hello there and welcome to Beach Home City Home. A blog all about sharing the joys of living.

I'm Le and I do enjoy a good visual feast of images expressing the joys of beach living, the delights of city living and the charms of country living.

Having moved a wee bit (like 25 houses in my lifetime) I am blessed to have lived in many wonderful places. Currently home is a small beach side town in North Queensland.

This blog is not so much about owning the actual real estate, but owning the experience and immersing yourself in the delights of the environment.

It's also my little slice of creativity and fantasy to offset my very proper professional life, my very messy and unpredictable home life and just the repetitive nature of domesticity in general.

I'm a mum to two and a wife to one, boss to many, a sister to three, a daughter, auntie to numerous and friend to many.

I'd rather write here than clean the bathroom any day! It's also a personal indulgence for my enjoyment, not because I get paid for it, made to do it or feel obliged to deliver it. It's my take on a hobby for the modern gal.

So thanks for stopping by and I'll look forward to seeing you around blogworld.

Best Le xox
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