June 9, 2014

Yes I am back ... again

Summer Dunedin days ... Shelly Beach, Aramoana, French Toast and Agapanthus ...

Well hello there dear ones ... what a long time between posts, yes. Lots of reasons - not excuses - just time poor, demand heavy and a bit of a creative dry spot.

But seems all things ebb and flow and now I am back. I miss blogging, miss reading and miss contributing.

So what's new pussycat ... well I did dally in another blog for a while ... and yet again I will now condense back to one. Silly me, another blog is never a good idea for the time poor. So I will bring my lovely images over here.

I have started a short, online design course. Fun indeed. Hoping all is well in your worlds and I will be over soon for a read, best Le xox

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