January 5, 2013

Day One

Hello there and welcome to my new little space in the blogging world, Beach Home City Home Country Home. 

While this is a fresh blog for me I come from a blogging heritage that began in February 2008 and resulted in over 1000 posts on three main blogs. That was until July 2012 when I took a blogging break. 

It is a calculated decision not to just pick up back on my beloved blog.

As much as I'd love to reconnect with previous blogging buddies and go forward from there I have decided on a fresh start. Experience has shown me that not all readers read for enjoyment and not all followers follow because they like you. There is a handful, and it is only a handful, of nasty, self serving people that will use well intentioned blog content for their own devious, negative agendas. 

So why am I back at all? Well after a seven month lay off the urge to write for recreation became too great and  I just missed the positive side of blogging. The great connections, the sharing and the tangible record of things I love. And besides weeknight TV is crap.

So I'm back. But back in a different mode. You won't find insights into my rather interesting work life here, you won't find opinion pieces on breast feeding, working mothers, stay at home dads, environmental matters, the meaning of Christmas or family related content and images. You will want to go to facebook for that and please don't be offended if I won't friend you as I guard my facebook space fairly fiercely and will want to be sure of your intent and friendly status before I accept your well intentioned offer and open my facebook page to you. 

What you will find at BHCH is inspiration for home and heart, you and yours, occasional fashion finds and more. Inspiration where and when it strikes based around my great enjoyment of homelife, living spaces and nesting. 

A focus on the achievable with the odd bit of aspirational thrown in. A girl can dream ... My love of handmade, up cycled, retro and florals will shine thru. All this based around the premise of enjoying a beach home, a city home and the surprise package of a country home.

Most posts, with the exception of this one, will be light on words and heavy on inspiring images. So welcome to Beach Home City Home Country Home. Come along for the ride. I do my best with the time I have to answer questions, acknowledge comments and visit your blogs. 

Enjoy, Le xox

at home on our current beach 


  1. Well hello Gorgeous! Ooh, this is an inspiring start for the new year - plaudits to you, my friend. Can't wait to read more. J x

  2. thanks sweet Jane. I think I might have a formula with this one that won't impact professionally, but will satisfy some of my creative streak :) time will tell xox

  3. welcome back to your writing pursuits...it has been too long...glad I get the best of both worlds!

    1. why thanks matey - happy to be here :) le xox


Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts - cheers Le xox

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